15-Jul-2013 :

   1goldgame.com now change our main payment processor from LR to Perfect Money . The new site for playing with Perfect Money (PM) is now open for testing at PM HeadTail

Perfect Money have many advantage
  • Very low fees ( 0.5%!)
  • Not accept account from US.
  • Easy to covert to/from other e-currency . The recommended exchanger is Ebuygold.
  • Open the new acccount now. Click Here

20-Dec-2009 :

   I found an error on LR system that return incorrect payout batch number but no real paid to player . This error occure during the day 10-15 on this month. Now I 'm checking all of payout and will paid any missing payout in 48 hours. Sorry to all player for this error and very thanks to player who email to inform us.

03-Mar-2009 :

   We have official changed our main payment processor from E-GOLD to LIBERTY RESERVE.

19-Mar-2008 :

  We have rechecked our database and found many pending commission from JAN 08 - MAR 08 . All are paid now.

19-Mar-2008 :

  All accumulated $0.005 commission for OCT 07 - FEB 08 be paid. Sorry for late.

15-Oct-2007 :

   We have to raise the minimum bet of LR Head-Tail from $0.01 to $0.1 . Since this month Liberty Reserve introduce new service fees structure. Receving fees is 1% (Min $0.01 , Max $0.4).

8-Oct-2007 :

  All accumulated $0.005 commission for Sep-07 be paid.

3-Sep-2007 :

  All accumulated $0.005 commission for Aug-07 be paid.

22-Aug-2007 :

   1goldgame.com now accpect more payment processor , Liberty Reserve . The new site for playing with Liberty Reserve is now open for testing at LR HeadTail

Liberty Reserve have many advantage
  • Lowest Fees (No fees now!)
  • Not located in US. So US. player can use it to play.
  • Easy to covert to/from E-gold . The recommended exchanger is AutoCambist (Instant Exchange).
  • Open the new acccount now will get $0.05 FREE . Click Here

20-Aug-2007 :

  We have rechecked our database and found many pending commission from Jul 07 - Aug 07 . All are paid now.

20-Aug-2007 :

  All accumulated $0.005 commission for Jul-07 be paid.

06-Mar-2007 :

   E-GOLD.COM require us to shutdown the domain name , EGOLDGAME.BE , since it is in violation of the user agreement by violating e-gold's Trademark. e-gold Ltd. owns both the word "e-gold" and the word "egold," and others can't use it for anything without permission. So tomorrow , Egoldgame.be will move to new domain name , 1goldgame.com . All partner site that exchange link with us please update the link. The new affliate link is :


   But don't worry about the old link . All traffic that go to the old link will be redirected to the new link automatically with the same referal.

04-Mar-2007 :

Our account is placed a value limit again. We are informed from E-GOLD.COM support that our website is in violation of the user agreement by violating e-gold's Trademark. We have to remove any url's on our website containing any words pertaining to e-gold or egold. So now we try to contact e-gold.com to ask what is allowed . During this time we have to remove everything that may violate e-gold's Trademark.

02-Mar-2007 :

  Egoldgame.be E-GOLD ACCOUNT is change from 3254550 to 3999666.

26-Feb-2007 :

  After checking our database , we found some referal commission can not be paid out due to the referer e-gold account is locked or having a limit. To ensure you will get the referal commission , please be check your e-gold account has no problem. In our experience , to use fake address in your e-gold account may be a reason that e-gold place a limit to your account.

26-Feb-2007 :

  All accumulated $0.005 commission for Jul-06 - Jan-07 be paid. Sorry for late .

19-Dec-2006 :

  All accumulated $0.005 commission for Jun-06 be paid. The pending of later month is in process. Sorry for late .

27-Oct-2006 :

  Today I found 33 transactions that not payout the winning in this month. Now all pending are paid . Thanks Art?ras to tell me about your problem and make me found this error in the game database. If you not get paid more than 24 hours . Please contact admin. Thanks.

15-Oct-2006 :

  Due to sysetm error , some referal commission in July 2006 - Sep 2006 are pendding. Now all are paid completely. Sorry for the error

30-Jun-2006 :

  All accumulated $0.005 commission for MAY-06 be paid. Sorry for late

26-May-2006 :

  Egoldgame is now upgrading the database. Since the game records is near 100000 and make my server load. During this time all of old game statistic will not be shown. But you can play as usual.

04-May-2006 :

  All accumulated $0.005 commission for APR-06 be paid.

01-May-2006 :

  Egold game has moved to the new server.

01-Apr-2006 :

   All accumulated $0.005 commission for March be paid.

14-Mar-2006 :

  To celebrate new home of egoldgame.be , 250% PROMOTION until 2006-03-16 .

14-Mar-2006 :

  Some game history lost . I have to regenerate from e-gold history . This process may take up to about a week.

14-Mar-2006 :

  Moving to new server has finished. Sorry for the inconvenient

10-Mar-2006 :

  EGOLDGAME.BE 'll have to move to new server. This may take up to 2-5 business days

03-Mar-2006 :

   All accumulated $0.005 commission for dec-feb be paid.

20-Feb-2006 :

   SLOT Referal commission % change from 5% to 10%

20-Feb-2006 :

   Head-Tail Referal commission change from paying on lose to EVERY BET.

23-Dec-2005 :

   Merry Christmas Promotion
Head-Tail : 250% until 28-dec-2005.

21-Dec-2005 :

  Head-Tail : Minimum bet is changed from $0.02 to $0.05 due to high e-gold fees.

07-Dec-2005 :

  Site opening : Welcome all player to Egoldgame.be